On my way

This is going to happen, I speak the words in my head and then out loud as a way of reassuring myself that it WILL happen.

 Her site appeared on my screen weeks before in response to a query to learn more about sexual addiction.  Her words spoke to me with the promise of discovery … to learn about my strenghts and weaknesses and to find out what might be holding me back, but most of all they spoke of how to discover the truth that lives in each of us.

I wresteled with the idea of  booking a session with her . Could this woman help me become a better lover? A more fulfilled person? Would she put me on the path to transforming myself, to loving myself? Could I reveal the darkest of my desires … who better than a complete stranger?

Two quick e-mails , and we are set.

~ by 3deepbreaths on January 7, 2010.

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